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Signal conditioning for PC based measurement

Flexible and Modular Signal Conditioning Units SAE16288

Aufbau einer Messeinheit mit einem SAE-System


SAE16288/05 Systemansicht The Bedo Signal-Conditioning-System SAE16288 is the most flexible modular signal conditioning system for PC-based data measurement. For nearly all types of measurement signals and transmitters, e.g. Temperature, Pressure, Bridge transducer, Voltage or Current signals, SAK-Amplifier-Boards are available with or without galvanic isolation. Each SAK-Amplifier-Board transforms the input signal range to an output signal from -10V (-5V) to +10V (+5V). Generally SAK-Boards are available with 1, 2 or 4 measuring channels. The SAK-Boards have 19" plug in boards. They are placed into the SAE16288-Base Units. All SAE16288-Base Units include a 230V AC power supply unit and the connector to the PC data acquisition board. The power supply unit is enabled by monitoring the supply voltage on the connector of the PC data acquisition board. The input signals are mechanically connected to the SAK-Board by BNC connectors, Lemo connectors or screw terminals.
The design of the SAE16288-System allows you to use either the analog output and digital input and output lines of a multifunction PC data acquisition board.

SAE - Base Units

Desktop case for 5, 8, 13, oder 19 SAK-Boards

19" Rack 3HE for 19 SAK-Boards or 6HE for 2x19 SAK-Boards

SAE Base Units are available with tip up/carrying handle

signal adapter for PCI cards

Auxiliary energy: 230VAC, 100-230VAC, 110/230VAC oder 9-30VDC

USB-Messmodule ins Systemgehäuse integrierbar

Special versions on request

SAK - Amplifier Boards

The table shows all the functional groups of the SAK-Boards are available as standard for the SAE system. All analog transducers provide an output of ± 10V or 0 to 10 V ready. Many transducers are available with ± 5V.
According to the nature of the measurement signal and the sampling rate for digitizing the measured data in the PC are the transducers with different analog signal bandwidth (default: 10Hz, 100Hz, 1KHz, 10KHz and 15KHz) available.

Transducer for Voltage and Current Inputs

Voltage inputs from ±10mV up to ±400V

Current input ±20mA

High Current up to ±50A or 0-35Aeff

RMS output

Signal bandwidth up to 100KHz

Amplifiers with and without galvanic isolation

Signal connectors: BNC-, Lemo- or srew terminals

Transducer for Temperatures

for Pt100 RTDs in 4-wire mode

for Thermocouples, type J, K, and T

with Cold junction

optional with linearization

Signal bandwidth 10Hz

Amplifiers with and without galvanic isolation

Signal connectors: Lemo, Minithermo

Transducer for Strain Gages (DMS)

Full, Half and Quarter Bridge

Reference voltage source

Zero and Full Scale adjustable

Signal bandwidth up to 5KHz

Amplifiers with and without galvanic isolation

Signal connector: Lemo

Transducer for IEPE (ICP®) Sensors

IEPE compliance current 4mA

IEPE compliance voltage 24VDC

Input range: ±10V (±5V) selectable by jumper

Signal bandwidth: 20 kHz

Signal connector: BNC

Transducer for Resistance Measurements

Reference current 0,5mA

Signal bandwidth 10Hz

Amplifiers with and without galvanic isolation

Signal connector: Lemo

Transducer for Resistance Displacement Sensor (Potentiometer)

Reference voltage 5VDC or 10VDC

Signal bandwidth 1KHz

Signal connector: Lemo

Transducer for LVDTs

half- or full-bridge

Signal bandwidth 400Hz

Signal connector: Lemo

Antialiasing Filters

Linear Lowpass Filters 4-pole or 5-pole, (2 and 4 channels)

Switch-capacitor-Filter 10-pole (4 channles)

15 programmable cut-off frequencies 8-pole (2 channels)

Butterworth characteristics

Signal connector: BNC

Analoge Signal Outputs

Signal outputs with galvanic isolation

voltage outputs ±10V

Current outputs ±20mA

Signal connector: BNC or Srew terminals

Digital Input and Output / Triggerfunctions

Inputs with galvanic isolation

Outputs with galvanic isolation

Combined Out- and Inputs with galvanic isolation

4 channel Relay Control Output

Input Boards for Trigger or Counter inputs

Passive Signal Line Card

2 or 4 channel for analog signal output

4 channel for analog signal input

Digital In- and Output, Trigger input, Counter input

Overvoltage Protection

Signal connectors: BNC and srew terminals

SAECad - The configuration software for SAE-Systems

SAECad creates and documents visual SAE-Systems for signal conditioning in PC-based data measurements systems. The user can configure and wire a SAE-System. He selects one of the possible base units and the signal adapter for the data acqusisition board. Now he chooses the needed SAK-Amplifiers and places them into the SAE16288-System. SAECad automatically uses the German or English language for all screen informations.
SAECad3000 is free of charge and available on our "Download page".

SAECad3000 Programmoberfläche

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